Letcome Regis

General Information - see also below additional information

Food waste is collected every week and rubbish (black bin) and recycling (green bin) every fortnight on alternate weeks. If you pay for a brown bin this will be collected fortnightly on the same day as recycling (green bin).

This is subject to change when there is a bank holiday or extreme weather conditions.  Details can also be found on the Vale of the White Horse website via the following link, together with lists of what can be placed in the bins.

Recycling and Waste News

From 5th October you will be able to put out even more items for recycling. VOWH district Council and Biffa will start collecting small electrical items and clothes or textiles from the kerbside.
Small electrical items like toasters, kettles, irons, hairdryers, small electronic toys and radios need to be put out next to your Grey Landfill Bin for the first such collection in Letcombe Regis on 12th October.

Textiles like torn or worn out clothes, curtains and bedsheets that aren't good enough for charity, need to be put in a tied carrier bag next to your Green Recycling Bin for the first such collection in Letcombe Regis for 19th October.

Also on that day, if you are one of the householders that subscribe to the garden waste collection service (Brown Bin) you will be able to put the equivalent of another bin's worth of garden waste in an open box or bag beside the Brown Bin and have it collected.

For more on what can be recycled, visit morerecycling.co.uk.

http:// www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk